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Hi! We are a small team of plant-powered wellness enthusiasts nestled in the Southern Gulf Islands on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. We serve an ever-expanding range of customers who connect with the healing and beauty of the ingredients found in our products.


Our dynamic collection encompasses the synergy of herbal elements while focusing on details that embody craft wellness and customer-focused value. Our products are formulated with pure botanicals and essential oils, utilizing organic, locally sourced ingredients and using environmentally sustainable packaging. We craft intentionally, following the lunar cycles and harnessing the healing properties of crystals. We feature a variety of crystals and sustainable packaging throughout our line. For example, our bath bombs fizz down to a crystal in the centre, and the box it comes in is made from unique eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds.

Plant the packaging and grow beautiful Canadian wildflowers! 

We believe that using simple, pure ingredients is the most effective way to absorb the benefits and reduce unwanted irritation from a product. We always choose safe, effective ingredients suitable for each formula to achieve the best results thus ensuring the highest quality. We never use anything synthetic, toxic, artificial, or GMO, and always without fillers and emulsifiers. When a product is created, each body part is considered, and the details of its specific needs giving you precisely what your skin needs and none of the chemicals it doesn't.


Nothing harmful used and never tested on animals. 


the creative force behind

Tessa believes life is too short to waste on something that isn't going to impact the world in a positive way. She is a vision-driven entrepreneur and mother who is passionate about opportunities and products that serve a higher purpose and truly make a difference.


Her wellness journey began in the holistic and cannabis-conscious community she grew up with on Salt Spring Island, B.C. In 2012 while pregnant with her first son she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She began reading and researching ingredients and was appalled at how many toxic items were in most commercial products; even high-end products marked "natural" in most commercial stores contained damaging toxins. It became her mission to create clean, quality products for herself and her family. She healed her auto-immune disease through holistic life changes and cannabinoid therapy.


A business that started from the smallest corner of her house...


Tessa launched Earth Dragon Organics in 2015. It started as a small line of infused topicals that outgrew her house into a national award-winning innovative cannabis wellness and lifestyle brand known for modern and scientific artisan products that truly benefit the body. Earth Dragon has since changed ownership, and with that shift, Rising Moon Botanicals was born. 

With her knowledge of formulations, herbology and experience in customer needs, Tessa has created a unique, clean product line aware of its impact on the environment. Every tiny detail of manufacturing, from measuring to hand pouring and controlling the quality of ingredients, is done in-house at her studio on Salt Spring Island, BC. 

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